Next generation, cloud-based, loan origination platform built exclusively for mortgage bankers and brokers to increase originations, decrease compliance issues, and reduce overall costs to close a mortgage.

We Simplify Mortgage Banking

Introducing LoanMaps—a powerful solution for all your mortgage banking technology needs. LoanMaps will be your LOS, your POS, your CRM, and your Borrower Communication portal. It’s an all in one system and an all in one fee! Why spend all that effort training to use separate interfaces—incurring the costs for multiple systems and dealing with all that extra data management—when you can save both time and money with one solution? The proprietary features of LoanMaps combined with the support of Take3Technologies™ will improve your work experience and boost your business to the next level.

The Many Benefits Of LoanMaps

  • LoanMaps empowers you to move a loan from consultation/application directly to submission to underwriting! WOW your borrowers by:
    1. Giving agency approval only subject to title review during consultation/application
    2. Or giving credit approval only subject to appraisal, contract and title during consultation/application
    3. Or having credit underwritten during consultation/application and providing agency approved with specific conditions
  • Think of the time you will save not having to go the traditional processing route on every file!
  • Ever have a delay due to a TRID rule? LoanMaps assures you are on top of the TRID rules. LoanMaps organizes data so you are always aware of compliance due dates, COC requirements and more!
  • LoanMaps manages your data so you don’t have to! No more import and export of data. One clean database that is keep current from lead to funding and beyond. The built in CRM will tell you who your top referral partners are, can sort through and identify customers based on rates, programs,
  • LoanMaps organizes data and will tee up anniversary calls, birthdays, 6 month FORD calls. You can complete your sales activities using your desktop and Mobile APP. We also organize your data so you are aware of contract dates that are due. And gives you a report so you can see what sales activities were complete!
  • And best of all, if you know the loan application, you will know LoanMaps!
  • Full data interface with POS/LOS – no data loading maintenance
  • Proprietary algorithm that eliminates duplicate contacts or loan records
  • Auto launch Program Compares
  • Mobile App with sales activities, contacts, and loan approval letters with AUS interface
  • Loan Officer specific Open House and program flyers
  • Top Referral Tracker – Know who your top referral partners are
  • Screen Share
  • Production and Sales activities reports
  • Keep in touch with your customer notices such as Birthday, Loan Anniversary and more
  • Market Watcher Analyzer 
  • Full digital approval
  • Proprietary processing to closing flow
  • TRID monitoring
  • Proprietary lender driven processing worksheet
  • Live interactive pipeline management
  • Post Closing, Funding, Lock
  • The Rule Tool
  • Did 2020 / 2021 leave you with a high cost payroll?
  • Was 2020 / 2021 a year with more volume and not enough trained staff?
  • Have you been challenged with not TRID compliant loans in process or after closing?
  • What is the cost of your FinTech stack by loan?
  • Do you have reports at your fingertips that can tell you your Full Time employees to closed units month to month, or service level agreement performance, or past/expect closings and more?
  • Can one full time employee be accountable for set-up, disclosures, processing and closing in the time frame your processors completes?
  • Can you have a new mortgage banker trained to process loans in a week?
  • Is cost to produce a concern?
  • If you like what you see, contact us and we will also provide cost of your Fintech stack to LoanMaps





Additional Features

✓ Team Contact Info

✓ Product & Pricing Engine (PPE)

✓ Auto-Input Leads

✓ Principal Reduction

✓ Personalized Mobile App

✓ Borrower Portal

✓ Agency Compliant Loans

✓ Custom Reports

✓ Escrow Holdbacks

✓ Training & Tutorials

✓ Document Management

✓ Digital Alt-Docs

✓ Automated Campaigns

✓ Document Tracker

✓ Updates & Notifications

✓ Loan Comparison

✓ Processing Worksheet

✓ Marketing Activities

✓ HMDA Reports

✓ Single Sign-On

✓ Pre-Approval Letters

✓ Pipeline Report

✓ Report Cards

✓ NMLS Call Reports

✓ Cloud Based

✓ Loan Progress Updates

✓ Program Compare

✓ Co-Marketing

✓ Lights Out Environment

✓ Amortization Schedule

✓ Disclosures

✓ Industry Coaching Tools

✓ Software Updates

✓ Customized Messages

✓ Compliance

✓ Borrower Refi. Notifications

✓Custom Integration

✓ Activity Log

✓ TRID Alerts

✓ Sales Activity Tracker

✓ Professional Installation

✓ OCR Technology

✓ Live CRM

✓ Safe & Secure

✓ D1 Certainty

✓API Integration

✓ Industry Integrations

✓ Interactive 1003

✓ Tasking (Team Management)

✓ E-Closing (Coming Soon)