Next generation, cloud-based, loan origination platform built exclusively for mortgage bankers and brokers to increase originations, decrease compliance issues, and reduce overall costs to close a mortgage.

We Simplify Mortgage Banking

Introducing LoanMaps—a powerful solution for all your mortgage banking technology needs. LoanMaps will be your LOS, your POS, your CRM, and your Borrower Communication portal. It’s an all in one system and an all in one fee! Why spend all that effort training to use separate interfaces—incurring the costs for multiple systems and dealing with all that extra data management—when you can save both time and money with one solution? The proprietary features of LoanMaps combined with the support of Take3Technologies™ will improve your work experience and boost your business to the next level.

The Many Benefits Of LoanMaps

  • On-line application
  • Secure Interactive Portal with document management
  • Full digital origination platform
  • Disclosures
  • Full data interface with POS/LOS – no data loading maintenance
  • Proprietary algorithm that eliminates duplicate contacts or loan records
  • Auto launch Program Compares
  • Mobile App with sales activities, contacts, and loan approval letters with AUS interface
  • Loan Officer specific Open House and program flyers
  • Top Referral Tracker – Know who your top referral partners are
  • Screen Share
  • Production and Sales activities reports
  • Keep in touch with your customer notices such as Birthday, Loan Anniversary and more
  • Market Watcher Analyzer 
  • Full digital approval
  • Proprietary processing to closing flow
  • TRID monitoring
  • Proprietary lender driven processing worksheet
  • Live interactive pipeline management
  • Post Closing, Funding, Lock
  • The Rule Tool
  • Training for your new employee
  • Sales tools for Loan Officers

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