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A powerful LOS solution for all of your mortgage banking technology needs

How Can LoanMaps Enhance Your Business Today?

LoanMaps is a cloud-based loan origination system developed by Take 3 Technologies. With LoanMaps, you can replace your current LOS, CRM and POS with one easy to use solution that covers of all of your mortgage banking technology needs. From client management and origination to processing and closing, LoanMaps is here for you with easy implementation and training at your fingertips. Reduce your cost to close and increase your productivity with LoanMaps today.

Powerful LOS

LoanMaps utilizes Single User Authentication with numerous vendors which allows you to access your vendor sites with one click. You save time and frustration by only logging into one site yet still accessing all of the information that you need to do your business.

Easy Implementation and Training

Change can be hard. Take 3 Technologies prides itself on the ease of implementation with LoanMaps and provides training tools and support to help when you need it. By being built by mortgage professionals, the creators and support team behind LoanMaps understand the unique needs and deadlines of the mortgage industry.

Built-In CRM

With the built-in CRM, your client information is always at your fingertips. Client information will automatically be updated as the loan is processed, saving you time and money, and ensuring that it is always up to date and accurate.

How Can the Built-In CRM Empower You Today?

The LoanMaps’ CRM is special – not only will it keep your contacts organized and updated, but it will also improve your business.


Always have you client contact info at your fingertips! The LoanMaps CRM will automatically update your client files as their loans are processed, saving you time and human capital inefficiencies.

Activities and Alerts

Easily set business activities and alerts to remind you and you business partners to contact clients and referral partners for birthdays, anniversaries, and general check-ins.


With the Scoreboard you can easily monitor your business goals and tasks to achieve them.


Create your own custom marketing flyers for open houses and marketing campaigns using the Flyers feature in the CRM which will streamline your marketing efforts.

"LoanMaps CRM helps me connect with clients, prospects, and business partners; while the mobile app allows me to stay in touch on the go. Additionally, the marketing platform insures I don't miss any birthdays, loan anniversaries, or business opportunities."
Erika Dragich
MegaStar Financial Corp. Blaine

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